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True Steam Cleaning with The Most Powerful Truck Mount Systems

The Titan 875, The worlds most powerful Truck Mount:

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  • High Operating Temperatures of up to 270 Degrees for Unmatched Cleaning Performance. (Safe for all types of Carpet)
  • Massive Vacuum Blower, twice the industry standard for very fast dry times.
  • Hot Water Pressure Cleaning Over 1,200 PSI for Hard Surface Cleaning.
  • Cold Water Pressure Cleaning of 3,000 PSI for Exterior Cleaning.
  • Heat and Power are fully adjustable from gentle cleaning of upholstery and fine fabrics, to Full Power made for cleaning the LARGEST commercial Applications.
  • s capable of reaching areas that in the past you may have had to use portables because of the distance, not anymore, The Titan can run extremely long hose runs for truck mount power never reached before.

image001Steam cleaning is the best method of carpet cleaning, this is a given. When it comes to steam cleaning though not all carpet cleaners are the same. Some advertise themselves as steam cleaners but do not use systems capable of actually producing steam. Steam is reached at 212 degrees and to achieve this heat at the carpet, your cleaner will need to use a machine that heats water in excess of 230 degrees at the machine. Most machines on the market do not make this much heat, our system generates 270 degrees at the machine.

  • High heat increases the effectiveness of chemicals. The higher the heat, the more effective the cleaner is. For every 10 degrees of heat increase, the chemical becomes twice as active. Heat allows for carpet to get cleaner and also allows us to use less chemical. This increases safety and reduces the residue left in the carpet.
  • High heat will power through greasy soil. High temperatures can literally burn through greasy stains. Oily and greasy stains represent a significant amount of the soil in a carpet. With high temperatures, we can power through these stains without the use of harsh solvents.
  • High heat reduces the drying time. Hot water evaporates faster, it is a simple fact. So, a carpet cleaned with high temperature steam will dry much faster. In some cases, you can get carpets dry in less than an hour with high temperatures.
  • High heat will help to sanitize. Bacteria, dust mites, viruses can not stand up to heat. High temperatures are one method of sanitizing objects, so it stands to reason that high heat will help to sanitize a carpet.
  • High heat will clean faster. High temperature steam cleaning system will get your carpet clean faster. This is because our system is more effective. We do not have to make as many cleaning passes to get your carpet clean. This also means that we will be using less water which will get your carpet dry faster



The Cleaning Process for Upholstery:

The upholstery cleaning uses the same truck mount equipment as for carpet cleaning but uses a different cleaning tool. First, your furniture is pre-treated with a special upholstery cleaning agent to loosen dirt, food proteins and body oils for removal. Then it is extracted under high heat and suction to produce clean, nearly dry results.

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